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Herbal and Healthy Living Skills overlap with Herbal and Homesteading Skills...a lot!

I use them in my daily life now, but I didn’t always. I started off eating at Wendy’s and other fast-food joints weekly, rarely exercising at all, and spending half my grocery trips in the household cleansers aisle. You don’t have to grow up in an herbal or naturally-minded family to transform your life into the Natural, Connected one you’ve dreamed of living.

I can help you on your way!

I offer private lessons in Herbal and Homesteading skills including:

  • Natural Cleaning solutions (like DIY Laundry Soap and Cleaning without Chemicals)
  • Herbal Pest Control inside and out
  • Herbal and Natural Solutions for Emotional Support (including essential oil use and safety)
  • Nutritional and Healing approaches to Food and Eating
  • Canning, Drying, and Freezing for Optimum Health and Safety at Home
  • DIY Herbal Remedies-How to make your own Herbal Preparations
  • Home Fermentation for beginners including
    • Kombucha,
    • Vinegars,
    • Beers,
    • Meads,
    • Saurkrauts and Kim Chees for Anyone,
    • and Natural Sodas
  • Feeding the Dog-Natural Raw Dog Food for your Pup of any age
  • Healing Soups and Stews-the basic techniques for creating your own bone broths and other deeply nourishing and healing meals including the whys for your ingredient list
  • and more!

Do you have some skills already? Or maybe you’ve only read about what you really want to try? Tried and failed…or succeeded and want to get to the next level?

Private lessons begin with a consult. We’ll access your goals and current capacities, then I’ll design the lessons to best suit YOU!

Not ready for private lessons? A Semi-private lesson or Herbal Living Skills Party might be just right.

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