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A Better Way to Care for Your Family and Yourself

We all deserve the ability to choose health products to support our lifestyles. For my family, that often means making our own from clean, fresh, and all natural ingredients or purchasing from companies that share my focus.

You’ll only find herbal remedies and other products in my store that are either hand-made by me or sourced from companies or organizations that use only all natural, sustainable and Earth-friendly ingredients and practices.

Ninth Degree Herbals

I created Ninth Degree herbal remedies with the martial artist in mind.

They include a range of sprays, soaks, and salves to support anyone who lives an active lifestyle or can use a little TLC when life’s bumps wreak havoc on the body. This line is strongly scented, tapping into the powerful medicine of essential oils to help activate your body’s natural healing prowess.

Turn to Ninth Degree Herbals for help with:

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Overworked Muscles
  • Arthritis and Aching Joints
  • Bruising
  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Pain
  • Prevention, especially against infection
  • Protection against fungal and other infections, including Staph and Athlete’s Foot
Custom Formulas

I can and often do create custom herbal formulas for a variety of uses. I can develop a formula for you to create your self or I can make it for you. In either case, I’ll ensure that you have the knowledge and tools needed to be successful with any custom formula I develop for you.

Contact me for a consultation if you’d like me to help you with a formula today!

Healthy Foods and Nutrition

I am a Direct Distributor for The Juice Plus+ Company.

I can offer you a small but amazing line of all natural, vegan and vegetarian foods designed to help you ensure you’re getting the micro- and macro-nutrition your body needs to stay healthy. They’re all natural and rigorously tested to ensure you get the highest quality nutrition available.

I can also offer you the tools to make organic, sustainable gardening a part of your lifestyle even if you don’t have a ton of space, time, or even talent with plants. It’s easy and surprisingly affordable!

Contact me directly for more information or help making the shift to the healthy lifestyle you want to live.

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