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Before You Arrive

We’ll schedule the Consult and I’ll send you an Intake Form you can fill out before you arrive.

On the Day

When you arrive for your consult, bring your intake form already filled out.

It’s helpful if you email it to me or fill it out on my website before hand so I can review it (and thus spend less of our time together reading rather than listening and discussing).

We’ll talk about the goals, strengths, and challenges you’ve included on the form.

During Our Consult

We’ll meet at my office (I have a dog, parrot, bearded dragon, and chickens, so if you’ve got allergies be prepared).

We’ll talk for 90 minutes, covering what you included on your form as well as any other details that make sense within the context of the life you’d like to create.


You’ll go home with at least one simple change you can begin working on and a plan for the next steps you can take.

As makes sense, we’ll schedule follow-up visits or other support you’d like from me (coaching calls, text check-ins, a future consults) and a schedule for that support that best suits you.

Next Time

We’ll talk about how you’re doing with your first steps and what adjustments you’d like to make. That can include a review your Action Plan, making changes together so it’s tailored to your personal style, preferred rate of change, and your perceived capacity to go for it.

My Fees

As a Family Herbalist, I offer traditional in-office and in-home consultations as do many clinical herbalist. I also offer on-going coaching and support to help you make the changes you need to live the healthy, Wholistic Lifestyle you want to live.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consult costs $25 for 90 minutes.

Text Check-ins

Text check-ins are $25/week, but may be free depending on the Action Plan we’ve designed.

They’re a great way to get regular accountability and coaching if you’re planning to work on your plan independent of other support.

I’m available through text most days between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

I respond to texts as quickly as my commitments allow, but I do not interrupt meetings, consults, or similar commitments to answer texts.

Follow-up Consultations

Additional telephone and in-office consults are $50/hour.

I can travel to your place (within the Eugene/Springfield area) for an additional $25 fee beyond the consult fee.

I request that if you want to consult through telephone that you create space for yourself so that you’ll be able to fully focus with no distractions during our consult. (I will do the same!)

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