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Learn the Techniques for Brewing Great Beer Right at Home

If you absolutely love Craft Beers and Microbrews, get excited about the idea of trying new ales, and often find yourself imagining how you might improve upon your favorites, you may be a Homebrewer!

Homebrewers come in all shapes and sizes. Their interests vary as much as their palates. What we have in common is a love for the art and science of transforming grain and water into the alchemical beverage we now call beer.

If you’ve often thought about brewing your own, maybe even tried a malt-extract brew or two at home, our Homebrewing Apprenticeship may be the perfect next step in your Ale Odyssey.

In our Homebrewing Apprentice Program, we spend six months together every other Saturday studying and practicing the skills you need to create your own all-grain ales.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a solid foundation in the basic skills and tools you’ll need to design your own recipes, aim for specific styles, and keep your fridge or keg full year-round with the tastiest and most unique beers in town.

Your Instructors

Your instructors are Candace Hunter and Patrick Hunter of Real Herbalism Radio fame.

Together, Candace and Patrick have over 40 years of beer-brewing and fermenting experience. They’ve read extensively on the subject and sampled many, many beers over the decades.

Their knowledge is rooted in a deep passion for learning, exploration, and adventure that translates into all they brew. They share a love of truly well-constructed beers and a practicality that makes brewing at home easy and fun.

Topics we'll cover include:

  • How-to: The basic process and equipment needed to brew all-grain beers
  • Beer Anatomy: Understanding the parts of beer and how they contribute to the final flavor profile
  • Beer Science: A very basic approach to understanding how wort becomes beer and what you can do to support the process
  • Record-keeping: The importance and tips for keeping records on your brews
  • Recipes: Finding, reading, and following recipes…as well as creating your own
  • Ingredients: Sourcing and selecting the best for your brews, Finding your way around the Brew Shop
  • Styles: A selection of basic brewing styles, how they’re defined, and how to research and brew your favorites
  • Nontraditional Ingredients (time allowing): Using herbs beyond hops to bitter and flavor your beers

Are You a Homebrewing Apprentice Hopeful?

We accept Homebrewing Apprentices of all ages but do require written parental consent for folks under the age of 18. Additionally, we do not condone consumption of alcohol by those under the legal drinking age as defined by US law.

Our Homebrewing Apprentices love to take a hands-on approach to learning. They’re ready and happy to jump in, follow instructions, and get their hands dirty during lessons. They’re also willing and able to do a little footwork of their own, such as picking up ingredients and reading up on styles, techniques, or other aspects of fermentation as required.

If that sounds like you, contact us see if space in the program is available!

You missed the open enrollment for our current program and don’t want to wait for the next one? A Semi-private lesson or Herbal Living Skills Party might be just right for getting you started.

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