It’s been easily a month coming, this disaster. I was inspired by a recent issue of Designing Vashti’s newsletter to dig into my first ruana wrap. (Here’s a link that shows what a Ruana wrap ought to look like.) It’s an easy form, really, like a giant rectangle with a slit cutting into one of the shorter edges and running parallel to the long edge half-way through the piece. Honestly, for crochet it almost couldn’t be easier.


I labored through three trials before I got the pattern down. My poor blue silk (Araucania Chaitén solid, 100% silk) was none too pleased with being re-crocheted thusly. Eventually, I got the hang of the simple star pattern and managed to add the sage green stripe in the right place. Three times! That alone should have tipped me off that this wasn’t going to be an easy project.

But no, I bravely crocheted on. I finished the back, which is the half of the rectangle that’s not split…then realized it was too narrow. I ripped it all out and started over, again.

A week later, I had a properly sized back all the way up to the shoulders. I was ready to move on to the front. I dug into one side, crocheting shorter rows on one side until I’d added my green stripe, loosely chained along the neck edge, and started in on the other half of the front. Two rows in, I realized I’d managed to make the last few rows of the first half of the front wider than the rest.

I took a deep breath, ripped out the lot and re-worked it. By this time, I was doubting just about all my crochet skills. I counted and recounted every row like an obsessive-compulsive basket case. Upon reaching the second half of the front again, I discovered yet another error. I measured about fifteen times, then shrugged and continued on in the hope that no one would notice.


Normally, I have the good sense to set a project that’s going this badly aside for a few months, or years, and move on to something else until my head’s back in the game. Perhaps all those astrological alignments were just not favorable or my tenacity ran roughshod over my better judgement. Whatever it was, I continued on.

My efforts were in vain. This disaster in silk is destined to be undone and begun again some day in the future. Possibly a few years or decades in the future. Definitely not now.