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Detox, Cleanse, and Change Your Life

Detox, Cleanse, And Change Your Life

Have you ever gotten through the hurried first month of fall and paused, feeling thoroughly overwhelmed by the many responsibilities, obligations, and demands on your time as you looked ahead into the post-Halloween holiday season? Or, managed to get through the holidays maybe without even gaining too much weight but feeling completely sluggish and drained just as the new year begins?

Those are the times when I feel exhausted, tired, worn thin, and often quite impatient with everyone. My family sometimes complains that I’m irritable and snapping a lot, or I start noticing that basic stuff, like vacuuming or eating in instead of out, has fallen off my radar. That’s exactly when it’s time to do a 10 Day Shred.

Detox Done Right: Gently!

The 10 Day Shred is a simple detox/cleanse program designed to help you shift into a healthier diet and lifestyle habit. It works by doing a gentle cleanse of your system, which helps you break any unhealthy habits you’ve built. Once you’ve completed the 10 day program, you should feel more energized and generally healthier than before. For me, just breaking the bad habits I’ve started to build, like relying on a daily hot cocoa (with more and more sugar as the weeks wear on) to give me peace of mind or keep me moving through the afternoon, gets a lot easier after a gentle cleanse like the 10 Day Shred.

The program is pretty easy, and since it’s only 10 days it’s doable even for those of us who feel like life is pretty much a whirlwind. Unlike so many other cleanse and detox programs that can feel like full-on fasts, this one asks you to slow down, make time for some good foods, and eliminate only the really obvious stuff, like alcohol and caffeine…for only 10 days. The 10 Day Shred includes eating well, focusing on getting a little exercise (a 30-minute walk is good enough!) and a little peace (5 minutes of breathing works wonders) each day, and protecting your sleep so your body has a chance to rebuild, repair, and detox gently and all naturally.

I use These Products as easy, whole-foods to support myself through the program, which makes the daily meals soooo much simpler. One of my family’s struggles is in eating healthy, whole foods regularly…as in at the same times each day and the same number of meals each day. We’re a family on-the-go with differing schedules; My schedule varies from day-to-day and week-to-week…and it doesn’t always align well with that of my each of my family members. Using These Products to support myself (and my family) through the 10 Day Shred program makes meals easier than they are during normal weeks!

What does a 10 Day Shred look like? It’s easy.

  • Exercise
  • Slow Down with Peace and Quiet
  • Sleep Well
  • Diet-Focus on Whole Foods and Water


runner-808932_640First, you plan for a little exercise each day-a half-hour of activity is optimum. Take a walk around the block or spend half an hour doing yoga. Maybe catch up on the gardening you’ve been putting off or add one of those annual house chores, like washing the windows, into your plan for the week. The key is to aim for about 30 minutes each day. If you already exercise regularly, this part will be easy. Just spread your workouts or exercise out so that you’re getting a little each day. That’ll increase your overall circulation and will give your internal organs a gentle massage, which will help them shed any buildup of old stuff (commonly called toxins in the fasting/cleansing/detox/wellness communities). The increased circulation helps your body to better eliminate waste and absorb the good stuff you’ll be taking in.

Slow Down with Peace and Quiet

sunset-meditation-for-peaceSecond, plan for a little peace and quiet each day. I like to take time for 5 minutes or so of breathing practice just before bed, but your peace and quiet can look like anything that lets your mind unwind. Sometimes, I take an afternoon tea in silence…or I let myself stand and watch the kettle come to a boil and then steep my tea in silence because that’s the only quiet I can find. The important part is that you give yourself time to slow down and be. If you’re someone who has a hard time quieting your mind and finds just breathing impossible, try putting pen to paper. Let all the thoughts that are racing around in your brain spill onto the paper. You don’t have to write in complete sentences or even spell the words correctly. When you’re done, you can chuck the paper, maybe shred it or burn it for the pure satisfaction of those actions. What it comes down to is giving yourself an outlet for whatever needs to come out that won’t rock your life (remember, this is a gentle cleanse!) and then letting it go. Just like your body needs to let stuff go, so does your mind. Peace and quiet allows the mind to detox, stabilize, and rebuild just like sleep helps the body.

Sleep Well

sleep-wellWhich brings us to the third part of the 10 Day Shred…sleep. For 10 days, your goal is to get a good night’s sleep. For me, that means blocking out about 10 hours for sleep. That includes my wind-down time (shower, get into jammies, turn down my bed), bedtime ritual (meditation, supplements, and favorite sleep-sounds), slumber, and a slow and easy wake-up. I know that I function best when I’ve gotten at least 8.5 hours of sleep each night. By adding an extra hour and a half to my sleep plan, I’m letting my body and mind decide precisely how much to take. Half way into the program, I may well find myself waking earlier than planned, but that’s okay. That’s one easy way to tell I’m recovering from the stresses life has thrown my way since my last cleanse. I stick with the 10-hour sleep schedule until the program is done as a promise to myself-when times are good it’s too easy to let self-care and right choices slide. If I can stick to my plan through the whole of the 10 Day Shred, I know I can return to right choices in the future even if I let myself slide into bad habits.

Diet-Focus on Whole Foods

whole-food-nutritionThe Last piece of the 10 Day Shred is about diet. For 10 days, you’ll follow a two-pronged approach to helping your body feel great again. First, you’ll eliminate the stuff that taxes your system, like sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and glutens, while you drink plenty of water. That’ll ease the work for your your cleanse specialists (liver, kidneys, intestinal tract) and help you refocus your mind toward healthy choices. (Don’t skimp on the water!)

The second prong is making healthy, whole-foods, preferably organic choices for every meal. You won’t be eating out or from a box or the frozen foods aisle for 10 days. Putting healthy, whole, organic foods into your system will give you the nutritional support your body needs to regain balance and release the old patterns that have driven you toward bad habits. This is where These Products really make the 10 Day Shred easy.

I take my usual whole-food capsules each day, just like normal. I add to that two full-sized shakes using a whole-food protein shake mix with fresh or frozen fruits and veggies and a healthy, organic, whole-foods dinner, which means a dinner I’ve cooked at home using healthy, organic, whole ingredients. Whole foods are those you generally find around the perimeter of the grocery store. They look like they did when they were grown, mostly. Whole, fresh apples and kale are good examples. Whole grain rice and other gluten-free grains are okay as are fresh, all natural meats. Since I’m a middle-aged woman (with an accompanying metabolism that allows me only about 1800-2000 calories to burn each day, urgh!), I stick to the shakes and a whole-foods based dinner.

My guys, who can burn more calories than I just sitting, sometimes add either an extra light whole-foods meal or a whole-food nutrition bar to their days. Sure, for 10 days we’re eating more of These Products than usual, but for what we save in both time and energy, not to mention how costly eating all organic can be, it’s totally worth it. Because These Products help me through most of the cooking, our meal plan when we do the 10 Day Shred is actually loads easier and less stressful than regular days when we need to spend extra time cooking and preparing foods at least twice and sometimes as many as four times a day.

If you’re planning on tackling a 10 Day Shred of your own, here’s what you want to keep in mind:

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes each day.
  • Make time for at least 5-10 minutes of peace and quiet each day.
  • Block out enough time to sleep well every night.
  • Eat an organic, all-natural, whole foods diet for the duration. (These Products will help!)
  • Eliminate the obvious: Alcohol, Caffeine, Gluten, Dairy, sugar
  • Drink plenty of water!

Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can! The benefit, beyond feeling healthier and more energized that before, is that you’ll know you can accomplish anything. Anything. That kind of confidence is exactly the right stuff for recognizing the changes you want to make to live the life you want to live. I’d love to help you get started. Contact me if you want to change your life, get started on your own 10 Day Shred, or learn more about These Products and how you can make Wellness a priority in your life.

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