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When I set off today for the fabled South Jetty with Jasper, I wasn’t expecting such a Big adventure as we had. Perhaps the giant pink potholes we brooked along the way should have allerted us to the magical nature of the day’s trip. I somehow missed that.

We parked way, way, wayout at the end of the road just shy of the jetty itself and took the path over the dunes and through the grass. Wild strawberry was blooming optimistically. We stopped to get a shot for The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio on Strawberry. That was the first of several fortuitious experiences.JasperontheDune1

As we crested the last dune, we saw sea monkeys on the distant waves. They were riding them like the surfers off Hawaii’s shores. Up and down they glided on the waves. One even caught the smallest of tunnels before he slipped from his board into the drink.

We decided to walk away from the jetty, where various people played in the sand, to the open areas. Jasper frolicked with the waves once or twice, as young dogs will do, but mainly he was on a mission. We were searching for treasure.

We walked for a long while before coming to a huge twisted tree laying on its side on the shore. Jasper was wary. He takes his job as protector seriously. I approached with confidence. When he saw it was good, his mind turned again to digging up crab shells, clams, and sticks.

After some time in contemplation, we noticed two sea monkeys approaching. Jasper barked and made a bunch of show in warning them off. They were bigger than he expected and black from chin to toe. They would have been menacing if they hadn’t been arguing over where they’d left their treasure. We watched them pass and eventually re-enter the water without incident.

As soon as they’d been consumed by the waves, we set off again. Strolling along, the ocean rolling in and the breeze blowing, Jasper at my side, it was peaceful and glorious there today. In the moments before I found it, I knew a treasure was at hand. The sand dollar was perfect, unbroken, hiding half under a blanket of sand. Jasper was all for eating it, but I said,

“No, this is a gift from the ocean, a story-keeper.”

With that, we continued on awhile longer. Jasper choose two rune sticks for me, suggesting I add a new rune. The next set I make will see an addition to the Elder Fulthark, Jae-Jae, the rune of the Whole Story that asks you to consider things from from a Bigger Perspective.

Eventually, it was time to head back to the city. Sticks and sand dollar in hand, we climbed the formidable dunes and wove our way through the maze of sea grass back to our ride. The ‘Rover was right where we left her. Happily and quite tired, we climbed in and turned back homeward bound. It was a very good adventure.