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White Marking Pen #517 by Clover

White Marking Pen #517 By Clover

Best Audience or Use: Quilting, sewing, and other fiber arts using dark, natural fabrics that can be ironed

I’ve used the Clover White Marking Fine Pen for over a decade, and have never yet had it do me wrong. I use it primarily on cotton fibers, although I have used it on silk and wool a couple of times. I use the heaviest steam and heat settings my iron offers to remove the marks.

For cottons, I can easily recommend this marking tool, so long as the color and pattern of the fabric will let the white ink show through. I’ve struggled with it on a few cotton prints that had a lot of light and pale shades; the white lines didn’t show against those colors and patterns well enough to be useful. On dark colors, this pen is outstanding. I generally use about one pen per project if I’m doing a lot of marking, as I do with sashiko projects. I’ve bought them by the handful (that was a terrific sale!), and let them sit in my sewing basket for years (five). They still marked and vanished just fine.

My only complaint is that they didn’t make another in a pale pink or blue or maybe purple using the same terrific vanishing-ink formula for marking light-colored fabrics. (I use a Derwent watercolor pencil for that.) If you regularly work with medium to dark cotton fabrics, I can confidently recommend the Clover White Marking Fine Pen for marking your projects.

You can get a refill for the ink (Clover 5033 2-Piece Marking Pen Refills, White), which brings the overall replacement cost down. I like that, although when I have a really good coupon or coupon code, it’s worth it to buy a new pen instead.

Bottom Line: The Clover White Marking Fine Pen has earned a place in my studio.

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