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Kinchaku Series III: Review

This series was a response to the SAQA Oregon Regional conference 2016's call for 3-Dimensional artwork. Their definition includes a requirement of at least three layers to the work. While my previous Series I and Series…

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Kinchaku Series III

Kinchaku Series III was designed to meet the call put forth by the SAQA Oregon Regional Conference for Three-dimensional quilted artwork. I wanted to create a series of kinchaku that included more layers than my previous…

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Kinchaku Series I: Review

This was my first kinchaku series. In the past, I've created single kinchaku for specific purposes, such as my Lazy Kate Kinchaku. My intention in this sereis wa s to create a set of kinchaku that…

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Lavender Magic for Easing Stress

Lately, I've been absorbed in marketing. It seems there's an endless number of posts and products, events and meetings to manage. I'm thrilled by the interest and positive responses I've gotten. But, I've noticed I'm starting…

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Quilted Wallhanging City

American Village II: Review

In American Village II, I was aiming to capture the view from one of the highways I regularly travel. I wanted to capture the dichotomy of the residential and school yard space that's surrounded there by…

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Kinchaku Series II

I loved working on Kinchaku Series I, so I decided to start another. Kinchaku Series II is all about pushing my design skills a little further. In this series, I increased the complexity of my designs…

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Kinchaku Series I

Kinchaku are drawstring bags originally designed in Ancient Japan to hold money and later small personal items. While I've made many for specific uses, like the kinchaku I made for the Hand-fasting cord I created for…

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