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Aromatherapy Garden Book Cover

The Aromatherapy Garden by Kathi Keville

Best Audience: Gardeners and Lovers of the Garden, Herbalists, Aromatherapists Kathi Keville's extensive experience as an herbalist and aromatherapist paired with her gardening expertise make The Aromatherapy Garden: Growing Fragrant Plants for Happiness and Well-Being an inspiring…

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Tillandsia Care, Air Plants Book Cover

Air Plants by Zenaida Sengo

Best Audience: Tillandsia and air plant lovers, teens and adults who love potted plants, folks who want to grow plants in limited space, Artists and others who relish creative living art Tillandsia plants, sometimes called air plants,…

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Stout by Michael J. Lewis

Best Audience: Advance homebrewers and microbrewers who want to dive deeper into the stout style Of the Classic Beer Styles Series books I've read, Stout (Classic Beer Style) by Michael J. Lewis was the least thrilling.…

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Scotch Ale by Gregory J. Noonan

Best Audience: Advanced homebrewers and microbrewers interested in getting to know Scotch Ale more deeply Scotch Ale (Classic Beer Style) by Gregory J. Noonan was my first foray into the Classic Beer Style Series, and it…

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