I found this terrific merino, cashmere, acrylic blend on clearance at a local yarn shop. At the time, I picked up a host of skeins, eight of which were purple. Those, I set aside for the Purple Wrap I was planning…just as soon as I found the perfect pattern.

Yeah. That pattern search took a solid two years, but it was worth it. Doris Chan’s Pearl River Lace Wrap, which I found on Ravelry, turned out to be exactly the right balance of complexity and warm coziness I sought. The resulting piece is warm and feminine, absolutely perfect for a chill spring day or over a simple shell top. It hugs the shoulders, wanting to stay on rather than slip off like stoles and shawls so often do.

Cashmere-Merino Wool Wrap, crochet

That hugging the shoulders detail comes from the subtle shaping of Chan’s pattern. When laid out flat, this wrap looks like a very wide V, not quite stole and not quite shawl. Chan takes a simple, traditional shape to a whole new level, making this one of my new favorites.

crocheted relaxationMy version took just under 8 skeins of Cascade Yarns Cash Vero DK in color 014. The finished piece weighs 13 ounces/352 grams. It measures 66/86 inches (168/219 cm) by 16 (22 at center) inches (41/55 cm) after wet blocking. It took me about a week of evenings to finish the piece, most of them lounging in front of the TV, so you know the pattern was pretty easy to make.