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American Village I

American Village I

As 2015 drew to a close, I felt the energy of new life stirring. I’d wanted to get back into the studio after having finished my Tree and Rock series, but until the holidays had passed I just didn’t seem to have the time or energy for it. Just two days before year’s end, as I listened to Midsommer Murders, I was inspired. I pulled out my sketch pad and got to work.

The challenge I had in this quilt, which I’ve faced in others as well, was in getting some of the shapes just right. I’ve used the old Sunny-day, glass window tracing method before where you tape what you want to trace to a sunny window then hold the fabric over it and trace the image onto the fabric using the sun’s light. It’s a cheap but challenging technique that works well when you’ve got a sunny window. Oregon in winter isn’t exactly a sunny place, and my little home doesn’t exactly have sunny windows when it is.

IMG_5627I got lucky. The light box I’ve been wanting for ages went on sale on Amazon. I snapped it up gleefullly. While I waited for them to ship it out to me, I dug through my stash for the fabrics I wanted to use. As it turns out, I got everything I needed in my stash, making this my second quilting project in my “Use that Stash 2016” project series. By the time my lightbox showed up, I was ready to go.

American Village I is constructed of all cottons and is approximately 9 inches by 12 inches (23 cm by 31 cm). I used a combination of hand and machine applique and piecing, some heat applique, and machine embrodery, quilting, and finishing. I added a small amount of surface embellishment using permanent fabric markers. The back is finished with a hanging sleeve, allowing this wallhanging to be hung much like a painting, so that the “wires” don’t show.

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