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A Day with My Ancestors

A Day With My Ancestors

Every year since I’ve forgotten when, I’ve celebrated All Hallows’ Eve and The Day of the Dead with my Ancestors. E00EE673-2A62-47E3-8F8F-E41B7CB30176.pngThis year is going to be no exception. Already, I can feel the early arrivals gathering, though, and that’s new. Usually, I don’t feel their arrival until the day of the festivities. Perhaps, I’m getting more perceptive…or perhaps the party’s more anticipated this year than usual. Whatever it is, I feel the excitement building.

At dusk on Halloween, we’ll light a fire and invite the Ancestors to join us until dusk the next day. We usually enjoy dinner shortly thereafter followed by Halloween movies and sweets. The next day, we’ll go about the business of living…with an entourage of ancestors along for the ride. I’m hoping to get out to an end-of-year farm sale and maybe do a bit of canning or, better yet, go mushrooming. Last year, we spent the day in the woods finding the most abundant, delectable mushrooms. My Babcia had a ball out there with me. I took a walk with my Buttercup and my Grandfather, too, later in the day.


Occasionally, I get requests for dinner. One year, someone really wanted a mustard sandwich. Another it was chilie. This year I feel some kind of festival food is in order, but what I don’t know. I’ll just have to see what shows up in the next few days.
A few of my moOne of the especially neat parts about my Ancestors is there are so many of them from so many places and times. This past year, a shaman told me that our Ancestoral family can include folk who don’t appear to be I the family tree as we amongst the living see it. Those are the folk with whom we share a Spiritual heritage. So, I could be sharing food from any cuisine in the world. Part of the fun is seeing who shows up.

re recently dead Ancestors make only the briefest of appearances before sailing off to visit other relatives amongst the living. Those folk may not even stay for dinner, but I’m never hurt by it. I’m honored they stop by


to say hi and send them off with Blessings for their intended companions. Sometimes, entirely new folk show up; hearing their stories and how they’re related to me is always a bit of a challenge. It’s not like I can just step into their space and listen–half the time my family amongst the living finds one way or another to interrupt me. Plus, listening like that is really tiring. Still, I try to catch all I can of their conversations and stories. They’re an amazing lot. Sharing a day and a night with my family, both those in the land of the Dead and those amongst the living, is one of the highlights of my year.

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