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Natural Living with Style…Artisan Herbals, Fiber Arts, and More

You can Create Health and Wellness for yourself and your family.
Natural Living can take you there!

Many Paths to Natural Living

Handmade Connections

We can find connection to our Past, our Present, and our Future through creating and using hand-made items.

Open to New Perspectives

Our Animal Companions can help us find Peace, Harmony, and Balance, if we let them.

Seek Wisdom Beyond the Obvious

Often the keys to our Authentic Self are hidden, but we’re not alone on this Journey.

Organic Tools are Within Reach

In a world of extremes, we often overlook the Natural tools for Healing that grow all around us.

Natural Living Services
Herbal Consultations

I’ll help you choose the best plant-based remedies to help you bring health and wellbeing to your life. Together, we’ll seek the best natural tools and skills to help you Create the Experience you were meant to Live…Learn More

Let Me Teach You

Learn how to Care for Yourself and Your Family Naturally. I can teach you how to use Herbs and Plant-based Medicine to promote Health and Wellness…Learn More

Divination and Intuitive Consultations

Have you ever struggled with a decision, felt clouded, or been just plain stuck? A little Intuition can give you the fresh perspective. I can do a short or long reading or offer you an Intuitive Consultation to help clear the fog…Learn More

Animal Communication

Bring greater Peace and Harmony to your life through Animal Communication. I can help you Discover why your Pet’s acting out or mis-behaving, Negotiate Change, and build a Stronger, Healthier Relationship with your furry, feathered, or scaled loved ones…Learn More

Shamanic Consultations

I would be honored to use my Shamanic Training to help you strengthen your connection with the Spirit Realm, Find Answers, and become the Author of your Life’s Story…Learn More

Ritual, Ceremony, Special Occasions

Rituals highlight those important moments when we’re transforming elements of our lives in a deep and meaningful way, such as Weddings, Funerals, and Coming-of-Age ceremonies. I can help you create the perfect Ritual to do exactly that…Learn More

About Candace Hunter
Candace Hunter, Herbalist

Herbalist, Teacher, Fiber Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Intuitive, Health and Wellness Coach, Wedding Officiant, Podcaster, and More

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