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Who is Zombie Hunter C.?

I am an everyday woman amidst this crazy zombie world. I like knitting gun cozies in my spare time, hunting zombies with my dog, and brewing healing teas to support my family. I rely on herbs, mostly the ones I can find rather than ones I grow, to care for my family. I never went to school for this; life shifted so suddenly and there I was, facing a horde of zombies like the rest of us survivors and needing to learn on the job, so to speak.

I’ve tried a lot, succeeded and failed along the way, and managed to amass a wealth of know how it seems I ought to share with the world. I reckon it’s up to those of us who’ve been living amidst the walking dead to share our knowledge as best we can, and if I know anything, it’s how to survive the zombie apocalypse while staying healthy and reasonably balanced even when those around me are falling to pieces. So long as I can, I promise to share my experiences and practices with you, but I don’t promise to take responsibility for how they might work or not work for you. If the zombies have taught me anything, it’s that we’re each responsible for our own healthcare and survival. Just because an herb has worked for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for you or the zombies you face. Still, when you’re faced with a zombie crisis, it’s better to try something rather than flail about in a panic. Maybe that something will be a tip you picked up here.

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